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October 04, 2006


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The moment that you said that the author's poor writing style is acceptable to the uneducated I knew you had some self serving interest with this post. :)

Gene .. you claimed that the motive to pay .50 per lead is just to resell to email address collected to spammers is simply stupid.

Hmm .. maybe your a Google inside ??

You are right about the length of the ebook .. every information product I've purchased is packed with filler. A close friend taught me years ago how he used the same filler methods to graduate at the top of his class. :)

I would love it if people would get to the meat .. but I suspect that a 1 page ebook would have a low perceived value.




I'd have to disagree with you on this. The report was a good read, it was clear and logical, and Click Flipping is not about selling email addresses.

I do expect spam to increase though, but that is happening because people keep buying stuff advertised in spam...


I believe in efficient market and so while I think there are quite a bit of truth in Scott's report, the click flipping idea still violates his "income must be permanent rule" nicely. If CPC-CPA conversion is full proof and works, then other would bid higher on adwords on google and content network, and hence driving up the price of the CPC until CPA no longer gives much profit.

His point on adsense at the bottom of the food chain should provoke some serious thought by web publishers to see if a mixture of CPC and CPA will increase their ROI on their website.

Haven't seen more spam yet but I am waiting to see. But gmail spam filter works very well - so I doubt selling my email would be a worthwhile pursuit.



I also believed on what Scott said on those 2 ebooks. Although those points on the areas of less adsense payout and profitability of click flipping are nothing really new and had been mentioned on various blogs and sites.
The way he illustrated the click flipping methodology down into its finer details hit a very good point I think. It drilled down to something that's more understandable.
My true question now is if he could really deliver with what he is charging? If he is asking close to a thousand dollars on the first month and almost $300 the succeeding months it better be not just helpful but should almost be close to a miracle. I'm not sure because I'm not sure the details of his/their plans at modernclick.
They better deliver on their promise otherwise the whole affiliate program will be tainted again with fraud that we all help propagate somehow or another.

Chris Sandberg


I disagree with you and agree with John completely. I have not seen any increase in spam due to signing up for the two reports, and the revenue Scott is generating from his click flipping group memberships is most likely paying off for him. I don't think that paying $.50 per sign up is that much, and it certainly isn't enought for me to blog about Scott's reports solely to earn a commission, as you have insinuated(My blog is the second on your list). I would have blogged about it anyway.


John Morrison

Hi Gene,

I saw your comment on my blog post, Click Flipping, Life After Adsense, The Payoff, and am here to give my thoughts as you requested. First, I don't agree with your analysis. I stand by the analysis in my post Adsense is Dead, Brilliant, Adsense is Alive, Yawn which you seemed to have missed. In a nutshell, Scott initially "profited" from the $0.50 affiliate fee in two ways. First, he is an established Internet marketer and names are a high value commodity to him, particularly names generated from a piece of Internet marketing material since that is his market. Second, he had two affiliate links of his own, one of which will allow him to make 5% on the revenues generated by other affiliate marketers for as long as they sell. This, in my mind, makes the $0.50 bounty worthwile to Scott.

After writing that analysis Scott unveiled the real payoff. He was able to take that list of over 30,000 names and market a program requiring $997 to sign up and $297. I certainly think $399,000 in immediate income and $118,000 in recurring monthly income is worth the nearly $20,000 in affiliate fees he paid, don't you?

Now to address some of the points you make. You say there are no legitimate high paying lead campaigns. Have you looked? I have 3 words for you, gambling, finance, broadband. Gaming sites, credit card companies and broadband companies are paying $25 to $80 for people who request information and/or sign up for a free trial. You say there are no details in Scott's book but I recall him explaining that these companies understand the long term value of a new customer. Do you think Verizon hasn't crunched the numbers to prove $32 per lead doesn't pay off in future wireless revenues? I doubt very much they are buying names to sell for that price.

Also, you neglect to mention Scott's clear message that it takes testing and research to find the proper bid phrases to make the lead campaigns pay off. And I think his argument that Adsense arbitrage is all but dead because of the content network bid differentiation, which is real, is a sound argument.

So I've written more than I planned. I just think your argument is based on pure conjecture which do not match the facts. I signed up for his report and have seen no increase in spam. I think you need to provide more evidence to substantiate you email resale theory. There it is, you asked for my thoughts and I gave them. Keep on blogging.

Peacce and Prosperity.

J Andrew Morrison

Kedai Emas

Maybe you're right, because I have been getting so much spam these last few days too..

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