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October 28, 2006


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Allan Gardyne

I think a really important factor in the merchant-affiliate relationship is how the merchant views the affiliate. Is it a strong business partnership or is the affiliate merely seen as a cheap source of customers?

For example, to the dismay of affiliates, some merchants divert affiliate-driven traffic to non-commission-earning sales. Or they have only one-day cookies or even zero cookies, so that if the customer leaves the site temporarily, returns and then buys something, the affiliate earns nothing.

I've been earning a good living from affiliate programs for years. I've developed a strong liking for programs which pay lifetime commissions or residual income, so that the affiliate isn't just paid once for finding a customer but is paid every subsequent time the customer purchases.


I'm new at this (about a week) so I could really use some advice as to where a good place to start would be. So far I have a couple of websites with banners. The get click-thrus but that's all, no cash. I have a blog and put a text in there. I sent out e-mails and I'm also an Amazon Associate. All my places get lots of click but I get no buck. What can I do to actually get compensated?

Robyn Tippins

Great tips. Just found your blog (you answered a question of mine on Amazon at Digital point). Subscribed.

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