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December 11, 2006


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Fergus Burns

Hi Gene

I posted previously on this at

Stay tuned to Nooked for product news on this

Best Regards


A comment and a counter argument. I think the most important point of your post in regards of accesible widgets was the affiliate/merchant relationship barrier. On top of that barrier you have to add the Affiliate Network barrier into the mix. We offer affiliate marketing "widgets" at Exit 39, although we don't call them widgets. But an affiliate has to invest a bit of time applying with a network/merchant and providing tracking code, before the widget will work correctly (We simply call them Targeted Ads). It's a one time affair, but it's not a cut/paste like with YouTube. New affiliates find this cumbersome, but without it they are not going to get paid...

You say the widget must provide branding to the merchant. I think that is a merchant's perspective. From the affiliate perspective the widget must provide clichthrus and conversions. If the branding helps that, great. Otherwise, I am pretty sure webmasters couldn't care less about the merchant's branding as long as merchants can close the deal and make a sale after a click.

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