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February 13, 2007


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Gene Kavner

Peter -- yes, the Blog Window widget now pays you. I am running Amazon ads (other networks will soon follow) at the bottom of the widget with majority of impressions offered with your Amazon Associates id. Thus, if your Associates ID appears and someone clicks and buys from Amazon, you get paid 100% of that commission.

Good luck!



Hi Gene,

Thanks for the "Most Popular Posts" widget. I saw a link "Join Amazon Associates" link (I remember I saw "Amazon Affiliate" instead) and found out now I have 2 Amazon Associates ID. Also, I am getting frequent "Affiliate Brand Notification". The word "affiliate" makes me think I may be generating some earning, is that correct? If so, how?

Gene Kavner

Meeyauw (cute name!) --

The blog window widget has 2 lines of JavaScript, both of which must be on your site for it to work properly. The first line of JavaScript allows the widget to track the popular pages of your blog. The second line of JavaScript displays the widget itself. The two reason there are two lines (instead of one) is that they allow you to track popular pages on one site and display the widget on a different site altogether.

I'm seeing that on March 23 at about 10am Pacific time, the first line of JavaScript was removed from your site. So, the widget is only tracking the most popular pages through that date. If you do not place the tracking line of JavaScript back on your site, in a few days the widget won't show any popular pages -- I'm sure this is not something you want.

Go back to, edit your BlogWindow configuration and grab the first line of JavaScript and place it back on your site -- this will fix the problem!

Good luck and thank you for the kind words about the Blog Window widget!



Hi Gene! I love this widget. I had it set for top 15 posts over last 7 days and suddenly today it is back to 5 top posts. The customization says 15 still. Can this be fixed? Thank you so much for this work!

Gene Kavner

Manisha -- what you are trying to do is possible and easy. Simply enter the URL for your stylesheet in the Blog Window configuration screen and your stylesheet will be the active stylesheet. Your stylesheet URL can be on any domain as long as it's reachable over the Internet.

Good luck!



Gene, this is an excellent tool, thank you! Installing the widget was very smooth.

The blog that I am using it for does not have access to a server where a custom css file can be saved. I would like to add the styles directly to my template (on blogspot). Is this possible? I am afraid that since the default stylesheet is probably on your server and is included in the js, your default styles will override the styles I set.

Is what I am trying to do possible?

Kevin Zhang

Very cool and useful. But the posts' titles are not displayed correctly. I guess maybe it's because my blog is in simple Chinese. My blog is hosted on blogger and the URL is Can you help on this? Does is not support Chinese? Can you help?

Many thanks

Bob Caswell

I like. I decided to go with it at the bottom of each post at rather than on a sidebar. We'll see how it works. Thanks, Gene!

Gene Kavner

Thanks Debra -- glad you like it!

Howard -- yes, as long as you are measuring popularity based on page impression, Blog Window will work with WallStrip. Let me know how it works out.

howard Lindzon

cool.. will install. Would this work for most popular wallstrip shows as a widget?

Debra Hamel

Wow. This is excellent. I've just implemented it at my site. I'm impressed at how configurable it is and how quickly it loads. Very elegant!

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